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Dammera in Mierzeszyn

Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych Dammera w Mierzeszynie

Dammera is a family business - an ornamental plants nursery for the last 12 years, but with a tradition of gardening that has been in our family for over three generations. The senior member of our family has been involved in gardening for over 45 years. The professionalism of the company is built on his knowledge and is enthusiastically supported by the creativity and openness of the younger generations. We are comprehensive horticulturists, from crop production, through the design, to the building of wonderful gardens. We specialize in the production of Hydrangea paniculata.

We have a very wide range of shrubs and conifers, fruit trees and perennials, vines, fruit trees and bushes, rhizomes and flower bulbs on offer, and we provide highly competent advice to assist you in the selection and planting of your garden.

You can also buy all the additional gardening goods you need in the garden at our sales department.


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Please be advised that offers presented in these directories are illustrative and do not necessarily reflect our current inventory. In order to obtain accurate information about the availability of specific varieties, please contact us directly.



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